Emprise Theme Documentation

Emprise Theme Documentation

Emprise comes with customizer option to control colors of every standard elements. To edit colors to your needs, go to Appearance ➡️ Customize ➡️ Global Settings ➡️ Global Colors

Here, you will see a list of all available color customization options. 

The following are the main colors you will want to edit to suit your needs:


This is the main color to change, in most cases, the only color that you will ever need to edit to meet your brand requirements. Change only this color and check the site to see the areas where your brand color will be visible on pages.


The default body color is set to dark gray. Ideally you would want to keep it to dark gray or variation of it. This will be reflected on items such as heading subtitle, sub-items on product cards etc.


The default heading color is almost black. Again this should ideally be a slight variation of black unless you want colorful site. This is reflected on elements such as Section Headings, product card prices etc.


The default neutral color is set to medium light gray. This is reflected on third level sub headings and item details that are extra information but not usually too essential.

Other color settings: 

Rest of the colors controls are for grays, succes, warning and danger colors. We would recommend to keep them as is or change very slightly to similar variations. For example, danger color should be kept to red or slight variation of the red, but not to any other color.