Emprise Theme Documentation

Emprise Theme Documentation

To edit the listings page, navigate to Appearance ➡️ Customize ➡️ Product ➡️ Listing.

Listing page comes with built in template that you can customize with following attributes:

Products per page:

Enter a digit here, which will be the number of products that are shown on each listing page. For example, if you enter 9 here, and if the search results have 27 results, then the first page will show 9 of 27 products and the rest will be shown on 2nd and 3rd pages with links to those pages at the bottom of the search results.

Sidebar Variations:

Here you can select the way the sidebar appears on the search listings page. You can chose weather to display the sidebar filters on the left, right or not display the sidebar at all.

Product Card Styles:

There are two product card styles to display, the default three column one, or the two column on which shows the product card wider.