Emprise Theme Documentation

Emprise Theme Documentation


Emprise requires at least WordPress 6 and PHP 7.4 to work properly. Please make sure to meet the requirements.

Theme Package

Once you have downloaded the theme package, unarchive emprise-wp and inside it you will find following folder:

  • emprise
  • emprise-child
  • demo-content
  • extensions

Once you have ensured that your have all above mentioned files and folders in your download package, you are ready to start theme installation by following the steps below:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin.
  2. In WordPress admin navigate to Appearance ➡️Themes and click the ADD NEW button next to “Themes” page title.
  3. On “Add Themes” screen, click on Upload
  4.  Select click the INSTALL button when hovering over the theme.
  5. Go back to themes page and cilcik on Upload once again, this time select emprise-child zip file and upload.
  6. After the emprise and emprise-child themes are installed, activate the emprise-child by clicking the “Activate” link.
  7. On top – you will get notification – click on “Begin Installing Plugins”.
  8. You get list of plugins, required and recommended. **Select all and Install.
  9. Click on “Return to required plugin installer” link.
  10. Select All Plugins by checking the Plugin box on top and Activate. During activation, the screen may appear blank for upto 4 or 5 minutes, please be patient, do not navigate away and wait until you get the success message.